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Bray valves are designed for installation between ANSI Class 125/150 lb. weld-neck or slipon flanges, BS 10 Tables D & E, BS 4504 NP10/16, DIN ND 10/16, AS 2129 and JIS 10, either flat faced or raised faced. While weld-neck flanges are recommended, Bray has specifically designed its valve seat to work with slip-on flanges, thus eliminating common failures of other butterfly valve designs. When using raised face flanges be sure to properly align valve and flange. Type C stub-end flanges are not recommended.


ManufacturerPart NumberDescription
Bray Valves010200-21100007MANUAL HANDLE OPERATOR
Bray Valves010400-2100007Handle Kit
Bray Valves010400-2110000074″ Handle Kit
Bray Valves010500-211000075-6″ Handle Kit
Bray Valves010800-2110000078″ Handle Kit
Bray Valves011000-21100010NICKEL PLATED HANDLE
Bray Valves020200-21700529NOTCH PLATE
Bray Valves04-0300-21252-002GEAR OPERATOR WITH SQUARE NUT
Bray Valves040300-23903536LOCK OUT KIT
Bray Valves070004-72505520DISC SPRING
Bray Valves070612-71904520DRIVE GEAR PIN
Bray Valves10-30-119-GEAR/WAF30-119 10″ W/GEAR OPERATOR
Bray Valves10-30-11910″WfrBflyNyl/EPDMw/Hdl 175#CI
Bray Valves10-31-11910″LugBflyNyl/EPDMw/Hdl 175#CI
Bray Valves10-31-15610″ LUG BTRFY EPDMw/316SS DISC
Bray Valves110200-70600520BRACKET, NO LINKAGE
Bray Valves12-30-11912″WfrBflyNyl/EPDMw/Hdl 175#CI
Bray Valves12-31-11912″LugBflyNyl/EPDMw/Hdl 175#CI
Bray Valves2-30-1192″WfrBfly175#CI Nylon/EPDMw/Hd
Bray Valves2-31-119-93-0635FC2″LugBflyNyl,W/Act,Fail Close
Bray Valves2-31-119NSR-12″BttrflyVlv W/Brkt forAct.
Bray Valves2-31-119SR-12″BttrflyVlvW/BrktforS/R Act
Bray Valves2-31-1192″LugBflyNyl/EPDMw/Hdl 175#CI
Bray Valves2.5-30-1192.5″WfrBflyNylon/EPDMw/Hdl CI
Bray Valves2.5-31-119NSR-12.5″BttrflyVlv w/Brkt For Act.
Bray Valves2.5-31-119SR-12.5″BttrflyVlvW/Brkt forSR Act
Bray Valves2.5-31-1192.5″LugBflyNyl/EPDMw/Hdl175#CI
Bray Valves20-0400-92801-5614″ EPDM Valve Seat
Bray Valves200200-928125652″ VALVE SEAT
Bray Valves200300-92801503VITON SEAT FOR 3″ BTRFLY VLV
Bray Valves200300-928015613″ EPDM VALVE SEAT
Bray Valves200400-92801503VITON SEAT FOR 4″ BTRFLY VLV
Bray Valves200400-928125654″ VALVE SEAT
Bray Valves210800-110101248″ BUTTERFLY VALVE
Bray Valves3-30-1193″WfrBflyNylon/EPDMw/HdlCI175#
Bray Valves3-31-119-92-633″LugBflyNyl/EPDMw/ACTUATOR
Bray Valves3-31-119NSR-13″BttrflyVlv w/Brkt for Act.
Bray Valves3-31-119SR-23″BttrflyVlvW/BrktForDualSRact
Bray Valves3-31-1193″LugBflyNyl/EPDMw/Hdl 175#CI
Bray Valves3-31-1203″LugBflyCIw/hdlAlumBrz/EPDM
Bray Valves3-31-1243″LugBflyCIw/hdl 316SS/EPDM
Bray Valves30-1000-11010-11910″ VALVE
Bray Valves300200-21800011STEM RETAINER KIT FOR 2-3″ VLV
Bray Valves300200-70200566ACETAL BUSHING FOR 2-3″ BTRFLY
Bray Valves300200-70400560BUNA STEM SEAL FOR 2-3″ BTRFLY
Bray Valves300300-110107343″ WAFER POLY COATED CI BTRLFY
Bray Valves300400-110107344″ WAFER POLY COATED CI BTRLFY
Bray Valves300400-21800011STEM RETAINER KIT FOR 4″ BTRFL
Bray Valves300400-70200566ACETAL BUSHING FOR 4″ BTRFLY
Bray Valves300400-70400560BUNA STEM SEAL FOR 4″ BTRFLY
Bray Valves301419-71500530A1 SLEEVE ADAPTOR
Bray Valves310300-110101193# BRAY S31/119 CI BODY, LUGG
Bray Valves310300-11010169VALVE
Bray Valves310800-110101198″ 175# Lug Style ButterflyVlv
Bray Valves311000-1101011910″LugBflyNyl/EPDMw/Hdl 175#
Bray Valves31H-119-2508″,LUG,CST IRON W/ CHAIN GEAR
Bray Valves4-30-119NSR-24″WfrBflyVlv W/Bracket for Act
Bray Valves4-30-1194″WfrBflyNylon/EPDMw/Hdl175#CI
Bray Valves4-30-1244″WfrBfly SS/EPDM Trim W/Hndl
Bray Valves4-31-119-S700051/A4″LUG 120V 2-POS 125#BTRFLY VL
Bray Valves4-31-119NSR-24″BttrflyVlvW/BrktforDualAct.
Bray Valves4-31-119SR-14″BttrflyVlvW/BrktforS/R Act
Bray Valves4-31-119SR-24″BttrflyVlvW/BrktForDualSRact
Bray Valves4-31-1194″LugBflyNyl/EPDMw/Hdl 175# CI
Bray Valves4-31-1244″ Lug Butterfly SS Disc EPDM
Bray Valves410600-110010666″ SERIES 41 LUG BUTTERFLY SS
Bray Valves410600-110014666″ SERIES 41 LUG BUTTERFLY CS
Bray Valves5-30-1195″WfrBfly175#CI EPDM/Nylw/Hndl
Bray Valves5-31-110NSR-25″ BUTTERFLY VLV W/LINKAGE
Bray Valves5-31-110SR-25″BUTTERFLY VLV W/LINKAGE
Bray Valves5-31-119NSR-25″BttrflyVlvW/BrktForDualAct.
Bray Valves5-31-1195″LugBflyNly/EPDMw/Hndl 175#CI
Bray Valves5-31-1205″LugBflyCIw/hdlAlumBrz/EPDM
Bray Valves50-0406-12610-532Valve Status Monitor/Lmt Swtch
Bray Valves500400-72800560GASKET FOR ACTUATOR
Bray Valves521001-1262453610-30VDC PROX SENSOR
Bray Valves6-30-1196″WfrBflyNyl/EPDMw/Hdl 175#CI
Bray Valves6-30-1246″WfrBfly;175#SS/EPDM W/Handle
Bray Valves6-31-119-GEAR6″LugBflyNyl/EPDM,w/04gearOper
Bray Valves6-31-119NSR-26″BttrflyVlv W/Brkt forDualAct
Bray Valves6-31-1196″LugBflyNyl/EPDMw/Hdl CI 175#
Bray Valves630250-2140153624VDC SER63 SOLENOID NEMA4
Bray Valves630250-21410536120V SER63 SOLENOID NEMA4
Bray Valves630250-21431536Nema 7, 240/60VAC solenoid
Bray Valves630250-2144053624V. SOLENOID NEMA IV
Bray Valves630250-215205361/4″ 120V DIN CONNECT SOLENOID
Bray Valves640600-11600018Positioner
Bray Valves640600-216100183-15psi Positioner
Bray Valves640600-742005330/160# 1.5″ 1/8″Back Mnt Gage
Bray Valves640600-742015330/30# 1.5″ 1/8″Back Mnt Gage
Bray Valves641600-22410536ACT MOUNT KIT FOR 90-2100
Bray Valves641600-22411536ACT MOUNT KIT FOR 91-255
Bray Valves70-0000-22941-536SERVO PRO KIT
Bray Valves70-0006-12216-536115V Motor
Bray Valves70-0006-22950-536HEATER
Bray Valves70-0012-22960-536Auxiliary Switch Kit
Bray Valves70-0050-71100-53610MFD 220V Capacitor
Bray Valves70-0051-113A0-536A120v Actuator NEMA4 500#ON/OFF
Bray Valves70-0051-113A0-536B120v Actuator NEMA4 500# W/AUX
Bray Valves70-0051-113D0-536A120V ACTUATOR
Bray Valves70-0052-113A0-536A120V 500InLb NEMA4 Actuator
Bray Valves70-0054-71100-536Capacitor For 70-050Series Act
Bray Valves70-0081-11300-536120V Actuator
Bray Valves70-0121-113A0-536A1200inlb 115v ACTUATOR W/AUX
Bray Valves70-0121-113A0-536B1200inlb 115v ACTUATOR PROP.
Bray Valves70-0121-113A0-5361200inlb 115v ACTUATOR
Bray Valves70-0121-113A0536BH1200INLB 115V ACT PROP, W/ HTR
Bray Valves70-0121SV120V NEMA4 4-20mA/0-10VDC Act.
Bray Valves70-0122-113A0-536AACTUATOR VALVE
Bray Valves70-0201-113A0-536A2000″lb 120V 1ph NEMA4 W/AUX
Bray Valves70-0201-113A0-536B120vActuatorW/ServoBrdNema4
Bray Valves70-0201-113A0-5362000 inlb 120V 1ph ACT NEMA4
Bray Valves70-0201-113A4-5362000in/lb 220VAC W/AUX,HTR,POT
Bray Valves70-0301-113A0-536B120vActW/ServoBoardNema4
Bray Valves70-0301-113D0-536A70-0301-113D0-536/A w/IRB Brd
Bray Valves70-0301H3000lb/in 120v 4-20ma Actuator
Bray Valves70-0501-113A0-536B120V NEMA4 4/20mA Actuator
Bray Valves70-0501-113A0-5365000 inlb 120V 1ph ACT NEMA4
Bray Valves70-0501-113D0-536A120V NEMA4 Actuator
Bray Valves70-0501SVH5000lb/in 120v 4-20ma Actuator
Bray Valves70-0651-113A0-536AActuator ON/OFF W/Aux Switch
Bray Valves70-0651-113A4-5366500in/lb 220VAC W/AUX,HTR,POT
Bray Valves70-0651SVH6500lb/in 120v 4-20ma Actuator
Bray Valves70-24-0501HACTUATOR 5000IN# 24VAC ON/OFF
Bray Valves700012-70201537MANUAL OVERRIDE BUSHING
Bray Valves700012-92910520WORM SHAFT
Bray Valves700012-93510537OUTPUT WORM GEAR SEGMENT
Bray Valves700651-113A0536/BMODULATING ACTUATOR
Bray Valves700651-113A0536/E120VAC,6500#,4-20mA,ACTUATOR
Bray Valves8-30-119-GEAR8″WfrBflyNyl/EPDMw/GEAR BOX
Bray Valves8-30-1198″WfrBflyNyl/EPDMw/Hndl 175#CI
Bray Valves8-31-119-GEAR8″LugBflyNyl/EPDMw/GEAR BOX
Bray Valves8-31-1198″LugBflyNyl/EPDMw/Hdl 175# CI
Bray Valves90-1270-11300-532ACTUATOR
Bray Valves900630-21903536Repair Kit
Bray Valves900830-21903536Repair Kit
Bray Valves900920-21903536Repair Kit
Bray Valves901180-21903536Repair Kit
Bray Valves901600-21903536Actuator Repair Kit
Bray Valves902100-21903536Repair Kit
Bray Valves91-2100-21921-536Spring Cartridge Kit
Bray Valves92-0630-1130-532Double Acting Pneumatic Act
Bray Valves92-0630-11300-532PNEUMATIC ACTUATOR
Bray Valves92-0830-11300-532140# ACTUATOR
Bray Valves92-0830-11305-532140# 90′ Pinion Actuator
Bray Valves92-0920-11300-532Double Acting Pneumatic Act.
Bray Valves92-1180-21903-536Pneumatic Actuator Repair Kit
Bray Valves92-1190-11300-532Double Acting Pneumatic Act.
Bray Valves92-1270-11300-532Double Acting Pneumatic Act.
Bray Valves92-1270-21903-536Rebuild Kit
Bray Valves92-1280-11300-532Double Acting Pneumatic Act.
Bray Valves92-1280-11300AO532DblActingPneuAct w/star drive
Bray Valves92-1600-11300-532BRAY ACTUATOR
Bray Valves92-2100-11300-532Dbl-Acting Pneumatic Actuator
Bray Valves920630-21903536SEALS AND BEARING REBUILD KIT
Bray Valves93-0635-11300-532Actuator
Bray Valves93-0835-11300-532Actuator
Bray Valves93-1275/VP700ACTUATOR W/POSTIONER
Bray ValvesA1Sleeve Adaptor FOR 2-3″ VALVE
Bray ValvesA2Sleeve Adaptor
Bray ValvesABL2-C040-70-00514″LUG BTRFLY VL W/500inlb ACT
Bray ValvesABL2-C060-70-00816″LUG 2W BTRFLY 50# W/1200inlb
Bray ValvesABL2-C060-70-01216″LUG 2W BTRFLY VL W/1200inlb
Bray ValvesABL2-C060-70-121H6″LugBtrfly w/1200″lb 120v Htr
Bray ValvesABL2-C080-70-201SV8″LugBtrfly w/2000″lb 120v Mod
Bray ValvesABL2-C080-70-2018″LugBtrfly w/2000″lb 120v2Pos
Bray ValvesABL2-C100-70-301H10″LugBtrfly w/3000″lb 120vHtr
Bray ValvesABL2-C100-70-301SV10″LugBtrfly w/3000″lb 120vMod
Bray ValvesC1Sleeve Adaptor FOR 5-6″ VALVE
Bray ValvesCASR-2206-54124V, ACTUATOR
Bray ValvesLVB-C29Collar
Bray ValvesLVB-S05Stem Adapter
Bray ValvesNR-2204-54124V MODULATING 34in# ACTUATOR
Bray ValvesNR-2208-54124V NSR 0-10Vdc Prop. Actuator
Bray ValvesNR-2224-52124V 210InLb Floating Actuator
Bray ValvesNR-2224-541Actuator 0-10vdc/4-20ma M9124
Bray ValvesNYL2-C030/70-00513″2W BTRFLY,120V NEMA4X
Bray ValvesNYL2-C040/DS24-180NYL2-C040/DS24-180-D 4″ BTRFLY
Bray ValvesNYL2-C120/70-050112″ 120V BUTTERFLY VALVE
Bray ValvesS63ASC0 8551 W/ MOUNTING
Bray ValvesVB222N/VA1B01/2″npt 2.5cv W/R N/C 120v