Citel DLA-170 DC Signal Line Surge Protectors – Great Price

Citel DLA-170 DC Signal Line Surge ProtectorsCitel DLA-170 DC Signal Line Surge Protectors

The DLA Series are Din rail mount DC signal line surge protectors with replaceable modules that are designed to protect your sensitive telephone, datacom and instrumentation equipment against harmful lightning surges and electrical transients.

The DLA Series utilize a hybrid protection circuit consisting of high energy Gas Discharge Tubes (GDT) and fast clamping diodes that offer ultra fast response time (<1 ns) and a very high power handling capability of 20 kA 8/20 us.  These units automatically reset after each surge event.

The DLA Series are connected via screw terminals and are available for protection of 1-pair.  These devices incorporate a replaceable module for fast and easy maintenance.


Application – telephone line ADSL, DSL

Config – 1 pair + shield

Nominal voltage – 150V

Max line voltage – 170V

Max line current – 300 mA

Protection level (Up) – 220V

Nominal discharge current (In) – 5kA

Max discharge current (Imax) – 20 kA

Impulse current (Iimp) – 5 kA

end of life – short circuit

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