Honeywell CR7890B1019 Integrated Burner Control – Great Price

Honeywell CR7890B1019 Integrated Burner ControlHoneywell CR7890B1019 Integrated Burner Control

Titanic Controls is a master distributor for Honeywell Flame Safety Controls including product, flame amplifiers, scanners (UV and IR),  modutrol motors, gas valves and actuators, and burner boiler controls.  We started our business over 30 years ago based on this product line.  Nobody will beat our price on new relay modules, and nobody will top our quality of repairs.  We have a quick turnaround time and get them back to you in pristine condition.

The CR7890B Integrated Burner Control consists of a self contained relay module, amplifier and a shutter type solid state Ultraviolet Detector for sensing the ultraviolet radiation generated by the combustion of gas, oil, or other fuels.

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• Oscillating shutter interrupts ultraviolet radiation reaching the UV sensor to provide the UV sensor checking function.
• Amplifier circuitry components are checked from the microprocessor in the CR7890B Control.
• Device can be mounted horizontally, vertically or at any other angle.
• The device has faceplate alignment and integral locating reference points to assure proper shutter mechanism operation.
• Quartz viewing window is field replaceable. CR7890B1019 uses Brad Harrison® 3R9006A20A120 connector.
• A swivel mount is available to facilitate flame sighting.
• -40 F (-40 C) rated ultraviolet sensing tube.
• High pressure 50 psi (345 kPa) quartz viewing window, magnifying lens and anti-vibration mount are available as accessories.
• Housing meets NEMA 4 enclosure standards. (NEMA 1 when access cover is used.)
• Protective heat block built into mounting flange.
• Power LED blinks a fault code when device is in ALARM state.
• Optional Keyboard Display Module (KDM).