Siemens SQM5 Combustion Actuator – Great Price

Siemens SQM50 Combustion ActuatorSiemens SQM50 Combustion Actuator

Titanic Controls is the premier distributor for Siemens Combustion items, ranging from this SQM5 Actuator motor, to flame detectors, controls, valves and more.


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This product line was formerly known as Powers, Landis & Gyr, and Staeffa before being acquired by Siemens some years back.  We can assist you whether you need parts shipped out immediately, if you need the absolute best price for resale, or if you need an obsolete part crossed.  Titanic also does rebuilds in house with a 1 year warranty that will trim your budget and keep your older models running into the next decade.


Siemens SQM50 Combustion Actuator Models
SQM50.261R1G3 SQM50.464R1A SQM56.564R1G4
SQM50.261R1G3R SQM50.464R1A0R SQM56.564R1G7
SQM50.261R1Z3 SQM50.464R1A3 SQM56.564R1H4
SQM50.264R1A SQM50.464R1A3R SQM56.564R1Z3
SQM50.264R1A0R SQM50.464R1G3 SQM50.464R2G3
SQM50.264R1A3 SQM50.464R1G4 SQM50.464R2G3R
SQM50.264R1G3R SQM50.464R1G3R SQM50.464R2Z3
SQM50.264R1G4 SQM50.464R1G7 SQM53.464R2Z3
SQM50.264R1Z3 SQM50.464R1G7R SQM53.467R2A3
SQM50.361R1G3 SQM50.464R1H3 SQM50.464R8A
SQM50.361R1G3R SQM50.464R1H3R SQM50.464R8G3
SQM50.361R1G7 SQM50.464R1Z3 SQM50.464R8H3
SQM50.361R1Z3 SQM50.464R1Z3R SQM50.464R8Z3
SQM50.364R1G3 SQM50.467R1Z3R SQM56.664R1G3
SQM50.364R1G3R SQM53.461R1Z3 SQM56.664R1G3R
SQM50.364R1G4R SQM53.464R1A SQM56.664R1H3
SQM50.364R1Z3 SQM53.464R1A3 SQM56.664R1H3R
SQM50.461R1A SQM53.464R1G3 SQM56.664R1Z3
SQM50.461R1A3 SQM53.464R1G7 SQM56.664R1Z3R
SQM50.461R1G3 SQM53.464R1G7R SQM56.667R1A3R
SQM50.461R1G3R SQM53.464R1Z3 SQM56.667R1G3
SQM50.461R1H3 SQM53.467R1Z3 SQM56.667R1G7R
SQM50.461R1Z3 SQM53.467R1Z3R SQM56.667R1Z3
SQM50.461R1Z7 SQM56.564R1A SQM56.664R2G3R